Hi, I’m Sabine, a Writer, Blogger and Marketeer, based in Manchester, UK.

I’ve created this blog as a space to share my experiences and connect with others. I mostly write about living with anxiety, motherhood, wellness and finding the courage to live a more creative life.

My aim is to share the real, unfiltered version of myself; the version perhaps not as favoured by society. Although it takes a real level of vulnerability to share our inner thoughts in a public space, I take comfort in how much solace and validation I have felt by reading other’s words. There is a special kind of magic when someone articulates exactly how you feel, when you’ve been unable to put it into words yourself.

Of course life is full of ups and downs, sunny days and raging storms; I hope to reflect that in my blog, I want to share the wonderful, the simple and the amazing as well as the ugly, the challenging and the downright difficult. It has taken me many years to accept and understand that hard times and difficult emotions are just part of what it is to be human.

So a little about me… I’m a Mother to two energetic, headstrong and wonderful young children who have without a doubt been my biggest teachers. I’m a Wife to my long-suffering, funny and extremely patient Husband, Steven.

I’m a Content Marketing Manager by day, and a lover of words in every form. I love chocolate, getting out in nature, hot cups of tea, walking, interiors, anything girly, podcasts, long hot baths, books, make up, writing, food – and not necessarily in that order!

I hope my blog makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you smile, makes you ponder – and everything in between.

I love connecting with community, please reach out and get in touch!

Sabine x

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